The Game and Interactive Software Scholarship Toolkit

The Game and Interactive Software Scholarship Toolkit (GISST) is a frontend tool and backend repository software that allows for the citation and retrieval of references to computational states and replays.

Click on the image above to start an example performance!

GISST allows you to manipulate and retrieve software references in exciting new ways.

Bookmark Running Programs

GISST allows you to save a running emulation and retrieve it in a specific state. Both locally on your own machine or in a web browser.

Record and Replay Input Performances

By recording input streams, you can replay performances of specific game play moments or user interactions.

Generate Citations for Software Moments

All saved performances and states are centrally stored in a repository to allow for citation in personal and scholarly contexts.

Embed and Share GISST Created Resources

GISST provides for embedding all created states and performances in any HTML canvas. You can put running, bookmarked programs in any web-accessible context.